Joel Rupprecht BFS, CFP® OWNER

Senior Financial Planner

I am excited to arrive with K.P. Power after a tenured career within the Canadian Bank Financial Planning world. Having worked for 9yrs in Investment and Retirement Planning with a major Bank, I found the best advice is propagated from outside the traditional system where I can be truly independent and product neutral. My expertise has always led me to an integral review for the uniqueness and complexity of each individual’s life and financial story. Needless to say, I am ecstatic to pivot into this next chapter aligned with the values of K.P Power Financial Planners Inc. 

My commitment is to first and foremost empathize with who I am advising and regard their financial considerations as my own challenges. As a father I know the innate pressures with financial considerations (big or small) and thus work tirelessly to help our clients develop piece of mind. My focus is not only to inform your decision process, but also to advise of potential future changes and challenges.

Financial planning is and always has been my passion. The weight of any financial plan amounts to the weight and value in the passion and commitment from the advisor. My passion began with a focused Financial Service Degree at Mount Royal University and continued studies of financial/retirement planning and financial analysis. This is my passion, and as a raised Okotokian/Calgaryian I look forward to imparting real and positive financial change with the members of our great community!

The Calgary and surrounding community is and has always been my home from my own childhood and now for my children. I am father of three, hockey coach and community leader.