Tax planning is integrated throughout your financial plan with a goal of minimizing the amount of taxes you pay.

We have the right to structure our affairs to minimize taxes we pay – Canadian Tax Payer Bill of Rights

Tax Alpha:    Adding after tax returns to your portfolio through Structuring

Tax Alpha, with your investment portfolios, can be achieved by properly structuring your investments.  Proper structuring of your investments takes into consideration the Location of your investments, the Timing of income from your investments, and the Type of income you receive from your investments.

Location: Proper use of TFSAs, Registered Plans (RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, Pension plans), and non-registered investments

Timing: Reducing portfolio turnover, and proper layering of income during retirement are examples of how the timing of income can impact the amount of tax payable

Type: Revenue Canada does not treat all types of income the same.  Dividends and Capital Gains receive special tax treatment whereas Interest, Foreign Income, and Ordinary Income do not.

In addition to structuring assets to minimize the taxes you pay, we will help you utilize all tax deductions and tax credits available to you to reduce the taxes you pay.