Investment Administration Services are offered through Sentinel Financial Management Corp.  Sentinel Financial Management Corp. allows K.P Power Financial Planners to offer our clients a wide assortment of non-proprietary financial products and solutions. 

As an Independent Financial Planning firm we provide Investment Administration Services on a fee-basis.  Our sliding scale ensures that as your assets grow you will pay a smaller and smaller percentage of your assets in investment management fees.  Lower fees will increase your returns. Since our Investment Management Fees are linked to the performance of your investments we care about the growth and preservation of your investments.

Successful investing has never been easy, and in today’s volatile environment it’s more challenging than ever.  Many people do not have the time, the desire nor the expertise to make sound investment choices, and then continually monitor and adjust their choices as required.

The Investment Plan section of your Comprehensive Financial Plan provides the framework for your investment decisions.  To make specific investment selections we follow a disciplined process:

  1. Investments are linked to your unique goals
  2. The Investment Vehicle chosen is linked to your goals and your financial plan
  3. Asset allocations are tied to the Investment Plan section of your financial plan
  4. Investment managers are chosen based on;
    • High Active  Share measures
    • History of Low Downside Captures
    • History of solid Upside Captures
    • History of low turnover ratios
    • Low fees
  5. Investment Reviews are conducted every six months
    • Rebalancing is used to increase returns and reduce risk

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