What should you Expect from K.P. Power Financial Planners?

  • We will communicate what information is required to complete the initial comprehensive financial plan and information required to maintain the ongoing planning activities.
  • Your financial plan will be updated when life events are such that a full plan update is warranted.
  • Your calls and emails will be returned within one business day (or sooner if the matter is time sensitive).
  • We will review and analyse your financial affairs and provide professional advice and action plan recommendations on a periodic basis; generally two times per year.
  • At all times we will exercise reasonable professional judgement and act in your best interest.
  • To provide proactive co-ordination of services for implementing your financial plan.
  • Full disclosure of any compensation we receive.
  • More than just a business relationship; a genuine personal relationship that takes your circumstances, values, and goals into consideration at all times.
  • Your privacy will be carefully guarded, and your personal information will never be shared with someone who is not entitled to it.

What does K.P. Power Financial Planners Expect from our Clients?

  • To provide your advisor with the initial information required to complete a comprehensive financial plan; including goals and objectives, completed confidential financial questionnaire, investment statements, tax returns, copies of wills and powers of attorney, insurance policies, employment benefits, retirement benefits etc.
  • To make your advisor aware of any changes in your goals or objectives.
  • To provide your advisor, in a timely manner, with any relevant information concerning your personal financial situation, employment benefits, or change in your family situation that may have an impact on your financial plan.
  • You will ask questions you may have regarding recommendation we make.
  • To make decisions and act on advice rendered, or to seek alternative advice from your advisor which will still allow you to achieve your objectives.