K.P. Power Financial Planners Inc. runs its Insurance business through PPI Solutions Calgary. As one of a few national MGA’s in Canada, PPI Solutions has been supporting the efforts of independent insurance brokers across the country for over 3 decades. Starting with their original office in Calgary, one of the first brokerage operations in the country, they have a proven track record of support, service, innovation and leadership. 

PPI Solutions gives us as advisors the opportunity to work with over 17 different insurance providers specializing in everything from Life Insurance to Disability, Critical Illness, Extended Health Care Insurance, Emergency Travel Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.

Insurance Solutions we offer our clients flow directly from the Risk Management Section of your Financial Plan.

There are many different types of insurance products that can be used to reduce the risk to your family from a sudden loss of income or an unexpected expense. The goal of an insurance plan is to provide the protection you need in the most cost efficient manner possible.  Too much insurance or the wrong kind of insurance is just as ineffective as not enough insurance. 

We will provide you with insurance solutions that are aligned with your financial goals and your decisions regarding risk management.

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