Mission Statement

A Secure Financial Future ....
Something we all desire but often worry about.

Like most people you have hopes and dreams for you and your family. It might be buying a home or business, providing for your children’s university education, reducing taxes, eliminating debt, taking a dream vacation, retiring comfortably, leaving a financial legacy to your children and/or a charity important to you.

Do you have a plan in place to make your hopes and dreams a reality? 

K.P. Power Financial Planners is here to help you attain your financial goals.

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve Financial Peace of Mind –
Despite an Uncertain World.

We Believe

  • Financial issues can cause stress in our lives and at times in our relationships. Stress, in turn causes many health related problems;
  • You can create Financial Peace of Mind – a state of calmness and peacefulness that comes from knowing you are doing everything you can to achieve your financial goals – by creating a comprehensive financial plan;
  • You can have the Power to Dream, the Power to Plan and the Power to Achieve your financial goals through the ongoing monitoring, updating, and adjusting of your comprehensive financial plan;
  • Financial planning help should be available to all Canadians - not just the wealthy;
  • Financial planners should have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients; they should always act in their clients best interest;
  • In transparency with respect to payment for services.  Whenever possible services should be offered on a fee basis;
  • Finally, people do not take the action steps required to achieve their financial goals due to a lack of confidence in their financial literacy.  Financial planners should provide the financial education clients need so they become empowered to make financial decisions they are comfortable with.