We provide our Comprehensive Financial Planning Services on a Fee for Service basis. This way we are able to remain objective and unbiased focusing on the goals that matter … our Clients! Financial Planning Fees are fully disclosed during an Introduction Meeting.

If you want a sound sleep, get a sound financial plan. With a Comprehensive Financial Plan in place you can balance today’s needs and wants with your hopes and dreams for the future. You won’t wonder if you can afford the vacation, new vehicle, house or children’s university – you’ll know. When faced with life’s inevitable changes, our Comprehensive Financial Planning services will enable you to take action and make informed financial decisions you are comfortable with.

Our Financial Planning service includes:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
    • Assistance with implementation of your plan
    • Mid-year and Full-year reviews of your plan
    • Unlimited Plan Updates as your life unfolds
  • Financial Coaching/Mentoring
    • On-call to help you with any financial issue, question, concern
    • 24 hour response time to any question or concern
  • Access to our Video Library to help you improve your financial literacy

Contact us to Schedule an Introduction Meeting

Introduction Meetings are an opportunity for us to get to learn about your hopes dreams and unique needs and to determine if we feel you are a good fit for our financial planning services.  You have the opportunity to meet us and learn about the services we offer and how they may benefit you.